BPSA Membership

The current membership fee is $15.00 per pay period. The BPSA is run by an all volunteer board, and in order to streamline our process of accounting, we have eliminating all forms of payment other than Electronic Deposit trough NFC for all covered members. Using this method, we can better account for members who retire or drop coverage as the payment can only stop at member request or at the conclusion of employment. As payment to the BPSA stops, coverage in LDF will automatically be dropped.

To join, first fill out the Application Page. The information on the form is needed to add you to LDF and PORAC. Without it you cannot be added. You can mail the completed form to BPSA, P.O. Box 530189 San Diego, CA 92153, or email it to usbpsamembership@gmail.com (a copy will be sent to the Vice President of Membership).

NFC payroll deduction is the only form of payment accepted. To initiate payment:

  1. Log onto NFC web site and it takes you to your “Employee Personal Page
  2. Under “Personal Info” tab click on “Financial Allotments” tab
  3. Click on “Self Service” tab
  4. Click on “Start New Allotment” tab
  5. Input Bank Routing # 322274488
  6. Input Bank Account # 14951180
  7. It is the “CHECKING ACCOUNT” for the BPSA
  8. Amount is $15.00
  9. Click on “Continue” tab
  10. Review the info and click the “Submit” tab
  11. At this point, it will give you a page to print or save for your record. If you know how to save it save it on your computer, save and send a copy in an email to usbpsamembership@gmail.com. For registration purposes, the BPSA will require the last page/screen showing the pay period that the allotment will start, NOT the page that reads “submit” on it.

Our Mission

The Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of:

  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence

Executive Board

  • Lizette Solares, President
  • James Robertson, Vice President
  • Yesenia Navarro, Secretary
  • Gabriel Gonzalez, Treasurer
  • Zirivan Mohammad, Sgt. at Arms