2023 Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association Scholarship Recipients

Welcome to the Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association (BPSA), where our unwavering dedication to "Patronus Nostros," or "taking care of our own," is at the core of everything we do. Today, we are delighted to introduce you to the outstanding individuals selected as the 2023 Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association Scholarship recipients.

This year, the scholarship called for a deep dive into the complexities of cross-border criminal investigations, exploring both the challenges and opportunities that lie within, and suggesting innovative ways to enhance cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. Applicants were tasked with introducing themselves, articulating their professional aspirations, explaining how this scholarship would support their academic journeys, and sharing insights into the influence of their law enforcement family members.

The 2023 scholarship recipients have not only embraced this challenge but have excelled in every aspect. Their multimedia projects are a testament to their leadership, vision, and dedication. Through their creative and insightful solutions, they have illuminated the path toward stronger collaboration between law enforcement entities.

Today, we proudly congratulate each of these exceptional individuals on their accomplishments. As a token of recognition, they have been awarded a $2,000 scholarship, which can be utilized to further their studies or alleviate the financial burden of educational expenses, such as textbooks, tuition fees, or a new laptop.

To our scholarship recipients, you are the future leaders of our society, and your achievements fill us with optimism. As you embark on your academic and professional journeys, always remember that you are part of a community that is deeply committed to supporting one another and fostering a safer, more united world.

Should you have any inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to the BPSA Secretary at usbpsasecretary@gmail.com.

2023 Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association Scholarship Recipients:

Student: Morgan Moon
BPSA Member: Michael Moon
Location: Detroit- SIU
Student: Olivia Tejada
BPSA Member: Jesus Tejada
Location: Blaine
Student: Preston Bowlds
BPSA Member: James Robertson
Location: SOD-SDC
Student: Makai Corpuz
BPSA Member: Joseph Corpuz
Location: SDC-CAO
Student: Elaine Mohammad
BPSA Member: Zirivian Mohammad
Location: SDC-BRF
Student: Maggie White
BPSA Member: Jonathan White Blaine
Location: Port Angeles