Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association

Welcome to the Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association web site. The BPSA was established in 1990 to provide Legal Defense Coverage for its members. Through affiliated membership with PORAC, the BPSA also provides its members access to other great discount programs and insurances such as Personal, Home and Auto coverage. Our main goal in today’s litigious society is coverage for our members in the performance of their duties while on or off duty. For exact coverage information, please visit our coverage page.

The BPSA has grown from under 100 members in San Diego CA in 2004 to over 500 members nationwide. We now have about 300 members in San Diego and the rest spread out throughout the country. Our executive board has continued to serve our members by ensuring dues to our Parent organization, Police Officers Association Of California (PORAC) and dues to the Legal Defense Fund (LDF) stay current and we stay covered. Please visit our different pages to see more about our coverage, what we stand for and how you can get the most from your membership.

We understand the majority of members join the BPSA for LDF coverage and think it ends there. Now that we have expanded to include all 50 states, it is impractical for all members to show up to our bi-monthly meetings and participate at a “local” level. We value all our members and will continue to send out notices for our meetings.

The BPSA strives to support Border Patrol charities that contribute to Border Patrol Agents in need and their families. Last year the BPSA supported many causes to include the national law enforcement memorial and many different causes set up in remembrance of Border Patrol Agents line of duty deaths to include 5 and 10K runs, golf tournaments, college funds for border patrol agents children and many others. If you are involved in a BP nonprofit, feel free to drop any of the board members a line and we will discuss it for you at our meetings.

  Covid Hazardous Duty Pay Lawsuit

The law office of Mason Lietz & Klinger has agreed to take our hazardous duty class action lawsuit for BPSA members on a contingency basis pending the outcome of the federal appeals court. There are some legal roadblocks for the case as the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) was already denied their case which is currently in appeal. If the appeal is won for BOP it would open the door for BPSA as well as other federal agencies to seek hazardous duty pay based on contact detainees with active COVID. If it is lost, then the case would most likely be dismissed at no cost to BPSA. We will keep you updated of the status and/if any documents need to be signed by membership.

UPDATE: BPSA members from each sector are needed to be named as litigants if the BOP case is won. In such case, attorneys need information about exposure levels agency-wide and would need to schedule interviews with members impacted across the nation. If you are interested, contact the stating so. Updates to follow.

5/6/2022 to 7/1/2022

  2022 Scholarship Application

The BPSA is inviting scholarship applications from students whose parent or legal guardian is an active member of the BPSA, spouses or dependents of members who have died in the line of duty, and children of honorary members (retired USBP Supervisors) whose active record is maintained by BPSA (excludes current Honorary members or spouses of current or honorary members; they are not eligible for application). Please see the application for complete eligibility requirements.

The deadline for application is June 30, 2022.

  New Membership Application

The BPSA has just released its new membership application in a fillable PDf format. Please follow the directions on the form and not the change in dues to $15 per pay period.

  2021 Scholarship Recipients

The BPSA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Scholarships. Please click below to learn more about the program and view a list of this year’s recipients. Congratulations!

  Vaccine Mandates

The link below is to a PORAC Membership Update dated August 16, 2021 on the subject of vaccine mandates in the workplace.

PORAC Membership Update - Vaccine Mandates

Executive Board

  • Lizette Solares, President
  • James Robertson, Vice President
  • Yesenia Navarro, Secretary
  • Gabriel Gonzalez, Treasurer